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August 2022 A new grant award for protein-mediated signaling for appetite regulation Ruth Stark has been awarded an R16 grant from the National Institutes of Health entitled "Molecular Drivers of FABP-mediated Endocannabinoid Signaling for Appetite Regulation." Recruitment is underway for research team members at the postdoctoral, Ph.D., and undergraduate levels.
June 2022 Two (2!) new training grant awards for postbaccaluareate and Ph.D. students, respectively Ruth Stark serves as PI and co-PI, respectively on two awards from the U.S. National Science Foundation. See the following web links for press releases:

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April 2022A new grant award for research on lipid transport and signaling in the intestine Along with collaborator and PI Judith Storch (Rutgers U.), Ruth Stark has been awarded an R01 research grant from the U.S. National Institutes of Health entitled "Lipid Transport in the Intestine ." Recruitment is underway for research team members at the postdoctoral, Ph.D., and undergraduate levels.
January 2022A new grant award for research on tomato cuticles Ruth Stark has been awarded a NIFA grant from the U.S. Department of Agriculture entitled "An Integrated Genetic and Biophysical Approach to Tomato Crop Protection." Collaborators are Joss Rose (Cornell U.) and Christiane Nawrath (U. of Lausanne); recruitment is underway for research team members at the postdoctoral, Ph.D., and undergraduate levels.
September 2021A new grant award for solid-state NMR spectroscopyPI Ruth Stark and co-PI Robert Messinger (CCNY Chemical Engineering) have secured a Major Research Instrumentation grant from the U.S. National Science Foundation to upgrade our solid-state NMR spectrometer for new applications to biological and engineered materials. See the following web links for press releases:

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July 2021Welcome to our newest Ph.D. student!Benjamin Lesea-Pringle has joined the Stark Lab as a Ph.D. student in Biochemistry. He plans to work on our protein structural biology projects, likely pursuing interests in fatty acid-binding proteins that partner with endogenous cannabinoids and peroxisome proliferator-activated receptors to impact whole-body homeostasis, appetite, and obesity.
June 2021 Notable dissertation by Christine ChrissianStark Group Ph.D. graduate Christine Chrissian wrote a thesis that attracted the attention of our CUNY Graduate Center Librarian Roxanne Shirazi, who highlights notable dissertations each year. You can find the information at A delightful review of the class of 2021’s scholarship
May 2021Mohammed Kallash gets into New York Medical SchoolMohammed Kallash, Honors B.S. (Macaulay Honors College) in Biochemistry, 2020, has been accepted to New York Medical Scholar for his M.D. training. Congratulations to Mohammaed for his talent and his persistence through the COVID times.
May 2021Mathiu Perez is awarded a MD-PhD fellowship
May 2021Mathiu Perez is a Salk Scholar
January 2021Christine Chrissian awarded Ph.D. Christine defended her dissertation titled "The C. neofomans Cell Wall: A Scaffold for Virulence", in August of 2020 and received her Ph.D. on February 1, 2021 jointly from The CUNY Grad Center and CCNY.
January 2021Christine Chrissian's recent publication gets accoladeA recent publication in the Journal of Biological Chemistry by Distinguished Professor of Chemistry & Biochemistry Ruth Stark and her research team, along with collaborators at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, has been selected to represent the area of Molecular Biophysics in “The Year in JBC: 2020” and featured on the cover of this retrospective issue of the journal. Their investigation, entitled “Melanin deposition in two Cryptococcus species depends on cell-wall composition and flexibility,” combined transmission electron microscopy, biochemical assays, and solid-state nuclear magnetic resonance to gain new insights into why the melanin pigment is a virulence factor in two fungal species that cause potentially lethal disseminated infections in humans. By using genetic deletion to alter the underlying fungal cell-wall scaffold, they uncovered a possible “Goldilocks principle:” the macromolecular architecture must maintain an intermediate degree of flexibility and disorder to promote retention of the melanin pigment, protecting the cryptococcal cells but thereby rendering them resistant to drug therapies. Lead author Christine Chrissian, who was awarded her CUNY/CCNY dual Ph.D. degree in the Molecular Biophysics track of the Biochemistry program this month, is currently continuing her work in the Stark Lab while also teaching Biochemistry I for CCNY undergraduates.
June 2020Mathiu Perez is a CCNY Great Grad
May 2020Yuliana Domiguez Paez wins Frank & Rose Brescia AwardCongrats to Yuli for winning a Frank & Rose Brescia Award for outstanding scholarship and service from the CCNY Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry. Great going to get this well-deserved honor!
May 2020Mohammed Kallash wins two awardsCongrats to Mohammed for winning two arwards from the CCNY Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry: the Benjamin Harrow Memorial Award for excellence in research, demonstrated by an oral presentation of his Honors Thesis project, and the Arthur Levy Award for high scholastic standing in Chemistry.
May 2020A new grant award for Ph.D. training of underpresented groups in biomedical research Ruth Stark has been awarded a T32 training grant from the U.S. National Institutes of Health entitled "Graduate Research Training Initiative for Student Enhancement (G-RISE) at The City College of New York." A program of mentored research training and professional development is supported for 15 Ph.D. trainees each year.
March 2020 Christine won the James Whittam AwardChristine won the James Whittam Award for Research Excellence from the CCNY Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry.
April 2021Arlind Kacirani going to Yale Chemical Engineering Ph.D. program!Arlind Kacirani, Honors B.S. in Chemical Engineering, 2021, will attend Yale Unversity in Fall, 2021 to pursue his Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering. He had three excellent choices of schools/programs, but Yale won the day!
April 2019Mathiu Perez wins Goldwater Scholarship!
July 2018Undergrad Researcher Mathiu Perez Rodriguez is an ACS Scholar A Stark Group researcher during the summers of 2016 and 2017, Mathiu has been named an American Chemical Society Scholar. Check out the links:CUNY Newswire: Homepage:
Fall 2017Stark Group celebrates successful Ph.D. dissertation defense of Qian Wang!He defended on August 30, 2017 and has joined the CUNY CSI group of Rupal Gupta as a postdoctoral fellow. We celebrated in September with a group outing to paint together!
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Summer 2016Stark Group celebrates successful Ph.D. defenses of Liqing Jin and Qing CaiWe had a picnic on the plaza between the CDI and ASRC buildings on CCNY's South Campus, August 10, 2016. Kudos to Liqing and Qing, who presented their work and are now holding jobs in pharmaceutical analysis.
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Fall 2016Stark group undergraduate presents research during City College Freshman ConvocationStark lab undergraduate student researcher Mathiu Perez Rodriguez (center, with back turned to camera) presented his research work to City College President Lisa Coico (in purple gown) at the poster session during the 2016 City College Opportunities for Research and Creative Arts (ORCA) Program Poster Session (II) and Freshman Convocation September 15, 2016.
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Spring 2016Stark lab undergraduate receives Chemistry and Biochemistry Department AwardsStark lab undergraduate student researcher Eseosa Aiwerioghene received the Frank & Rose Brescia Award II at the CCNY 2015-2016 Chemistry and Biochemistry Department Award ceremony in May.
Stark group holds a fatty acid-binding protein-themed group meetingSee attached
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Stark group holds a Solanaceae-themed partySee attached.
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Spring 2015NMR Magnet Moves from CCNY's Marshak to CDI Building, 2015See attached.
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May 20152 Stark lab undergraduates receive Chemistry and Biochemistry Department AwardsTwo undergraduate student researchers in the Stark lab received awards at the CCNY 2014-2015 Chemistry and Biochemistry Department Award ceremony in May. Faiza Boukerche received The Abraham Mazur Award, and Linda Kallash received The Arthur G. Levy Award. Both awards are for academic excellence. Pictured from left to right are Linda Kallash, Dr. Ruth Stark, and Faiza Boukerche.
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May 20153 undergraduates in the Stark lab gave presentations at the 63rd ACS Undergraduate Research
63rd American Chemical Society Undergraduate Research Conference, hosted by Queensborough Community College, CUNY on May 9, 2015. Pictured are Faiza Boukerche (speaker), Dr. Keyvan Dastmalchi (mentor), Prof. Ruth Stark, Linda Kallash (speaker), and Eseosa Aiwerioghene (speaker).
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March 2015Isabel Wang presents at NYCSEF 2015High school researcher Isabel Wang presents her potato antioxidant work at the New York City Science and Engineering Fair on March 1, 2015.
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January 2013Samar Rizk defends her Biochemistry Ph.D. dissertationSamar presented and defended her research on January 17, 2013, with many friends, colleagues, and family in attendance. She has been asked to do the lecturing for a section of CCNY's General Chemistry course next semester, when she will also prepare her findings for publication.
May 2013Early action admission to Harvard for high school intern Sindy TanCongratulations to Sindy, one of our recent Hunter High School lab researchers! Untimately she turned down M.I.T. and Princeon to attend Harvard. Go Sindy!

Spring 2012Ruth Stark awarded NYC's 2012 Sloan Public Service Award

Spring 2012Xudong Guan and Sayantani Sarkar awarded Ph.D.'s!Xudong and Sayantani defended in Chemistry and Biochemistry, respectively during Fall, 2011. Congratulations to both students!

March 2011Moyouri Bhattacharjee wins Biophysics prize!Moyouri won this prize at the Finals Event of the New York Science and Engineering Fair on March 29, 2011.See the attached photos for a glimpse of who else attended!
Fall 2010Distinguished Professor Ruth Stark elected 2011 AAAS Fellow

Summer 2007Stark Group is moving to CCNY in September 2007City College of New York will be the new home for the Ruth Stark Research Group.

2007Look Who's Teaching Science at CUNYNews Photo Attachment

2004Stark and Eversley Take Broadway by Storm

Dr. Ruth Stark and undergraduate student, Toni Eversley, can be found on Broadway and 5th Avenue.